About Our Clothing Products

Staying safe and being seen on the worksite is paramount, that’s where our range of personal protective and safety equipment comes in! We have a wide range of clothing and workwear to meet the toughest requirements, protect your body and help you be seen in all situations.

Scruffs Workwear

Scruffs is the leading brand of workwear in the UK and it's no surprise considering their high-quality products that combine style, function and performance. This means you’ll not only look good but also be comfortable and well protected against the harshest weather conditions. Our range of Scruff workwear includes sturdy work boots, rain jackets and hats ensuring you will be protected from head to toe at all times.

Essentials for the worksite

We also offer other worksite essentials like high-vis vests, coveralls and knee pads. No matter what tasks you are undertaking, your workwear won’t let you down. We also have a range of sunglasses and waterproof rain suits so that you are protected come rain or shine!

Get in touch

If you’re looking for a specific size or an item you can’t find, let us know and we’ll check if we have it in stock.