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More About Our Timber Preservatives Products

Keep your timber in tip-top shape with our range of timber preservatives from Ronseal - the leading name in the game!

Protect your timber from rot and infestation

Our range of Ronseal Total Wood Preserver’s come in both colour and clear options of varying measurements so that you can find the right preserver to meet your requirements. These wood preservers penetrate the timber to prevent rot and decay, they also kill woodworm and prevent re-infestation.

The clear varieties can be painted or sprayed over with your preferred colour, or alternatively, we offer the option of more traditional coloured preservers; green, light brown, and dark brown.

Don’t forget your decking!

Decking End Grain Protector is used to protect the ends of your decking wood from water damage that can lead to decay. The end grain protector is ideal for newly cut ends and can be over coated with stain or oil.