About Our Timber Products

Alsford TImber can supply the full range of timber products for any commercial or DIY project, our timber products will provide strength, durability and a top quality finish. Whether you’re looking for trade materials for roofing batten or internal studding, or creating a frame or partition, our timber is up to the job.

We provide sawn timber in a great range of widths and sizes, making it easy for you to select exactly what you need. Browse through the categories for accurate information about each type of sawn timber we stock, including the dimensions and grade (including certification, where relevant).

Before it reaches our branches, every length of sawn timber is kiln-dried and pressure treated, before being graded for strength. This process ensures maximum durability and provides protection against rot, fungus and insects.

If you’re looking for Prepared and Finished timber, we provide both softwood and hardwood in a range of finishes and profiles, you won’t find better than Alsford Timber. With competitive prices and the very best timber products sourced responsibly, there’s no need to go anywhere else.

Click on the timber categories for the full range of products or get in touch for more information.