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What's your garden heaven?
If it's structural beds, borders or zoned planting at different levels, then landscaping sleepers are ideal and we have all you need to create those fab raised beds, borders and planters this Spring.
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More About Our Sleeper Project Products

Making a small garden look bigger, creating raised beds or structural borders for your lawn or planting ... there are lots of ways to make use of landscaping sleepers to enhance your garden.  And there are several types, each with their own benefits:

  • Softwood sleepers - Green, brown and rustic Redwood, they come from coniferous trees, usually evergreen.  Compared to hardwood sleepers, these are:
    • Less durable but come pressure-treated to extend the life of the timber
    • Lighter, so easier to lift and manoeuvre
    • Less dense so easier to cut and shape
    • Less expensive and often more readily available

  • Hardwood sleepers - Oak and railway sleepers, from deciduous trees which lose their leaves annually.  Compared to softwood sleepers, these are:
    • More durable, and come untreated
    • Heavier
    • More dense
    • Cost more but provide a longer-lasting result

Both types of sleeper make excellent options, so the choice is really down to budget, availability, and your preferred aesthetic.

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