Pre-Project Prep

Getting ready for a DIY project?
You've been contemplating and planning and now it's time to get started. Here at Alsford we have all the things you need not only for prepping but also the project itself. So get ready to go!
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More About Our Pre-Project Prep Products

The time has come to get onto those DIY projects you've been contemplating and planning for a while.

To help you get organised, here at Alsford you'll find all the items you need for your project.  From fixings and adhesives to tools and workwear, from decorating and ironmongery to loads of essential items in our Core Range.  Whatever it might be, we'll either have it, or do our best to get it for you, so you'll have the tools and equipment to do the job, and do it right!  

If it's a garden and landscaping project you have in mind, see our full ranges of decking, fencing and paving to source your items, or find what you need based on the type of project you're planning.

No one can think of everything, so to give you a helping hand, we've pulled together the key things we think you'll need as well as a few of those that might come in handy.  So get your pre-project prep underway and dive into some Spring project perfection with Alsford.

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