About Our Tarpaulins Products

Tarpaulins are an essential household and worksite item due to the versatility they offer in protecting against the elements. Whether you need sheeting to prevent rain damage when roofing, or makeshift protection against the sun in your back garden, a tarpaulin is the perfect solution!

Quality tarpaulins for every occasion

They can also be used indoors to protect items when painting or carrying out other major DIY activities. Keeping one in your vehicle is also wise in case of an emergency.

Built to last

We stock tarpaulins made from high-quality double laminated polyester coated with polyurethane. This makes them tough as well as tear and stretch resistant. Our tarpaulins are 100% waterproof and rot-proof so they can stand up to the harshest conditions with ease. What’s more, they are machine washable and have eyelets every metre making them easy to clean and tie-down.

Everybody should have a least one Tarpaulin in the shed or garage as you never know when your roof will blow off or you need to make an emergency shelter.