roofing batten supply 2021

Roofing Batten Overview

Roofers will benefit from improved supply of Roofing Batten coming into Autumn 2021, as supplies improve, and stocks increase across the merchant industry.

Roofing Batten, like a number of timber products, was affected by the general construction supply issues across the industry in 2021, but improved supply and stabilised prices, have improved the current position.

Roofing Batten Supply 2021

With mills in Latvia and Sweden focused on maximising centre log cuts to produce general construction and joinery timber earlier in 2021, this resulted in lower stocks of Roofing Batten. This was combined with reduced availability of labour for the manual bundling required for roofing batten, during COVID-related worker shortages.

British Standard (BS) roofing battens sourced from Europe, are an essential construction timber in the UK, and are graded specifically for use on a roof. As with many construction materials in 2021, pricing for Roofing Batten has been affected by the global issues related to demand, particularly from China and the US, alongside increased domestic demand, raw material shortages, and COVID related production issues.

Blue Roofing Batten

British Standard Roofing Batten has ben historically dyed by mills to make it more identifiable on site. Whilst Roofing Batten can be different colours; such as Green or Gold, the Alsford Timber Ltd main supplier, AKZ Ltd, has long dyed their timber Blue, and this colour has now become widely recognised as British Standard Roofing Batten across the industry.

Roofing Batten Purchase

Roofing Batten can be purchased in lengths of 3.6m, 4.2m and 4.8m with a finished size of 25 x 38mm and 25 x 50mm. British Standard Roofing Batten can be ordered from or in any Alsford branch.