Build an outdoor office

Guide to materials needed to create an outdoor office

What do you need to create your own outdoor office space?

Peace and quiet, dedicated work space, a room with a view, whatever reason you have for creating your own outdoor office space, you need reliable and effective materials to deliver the finished product.
With self-build an option for many, Alsford are here to support you with our Guide to the Timber & Materials Suitable for Outdoor Offices.

Read on for our 8-step materials guide with example pictures of a self-build garden office.


Garden Before Outdoor Office is Built


Find Your Space

Identify an appropriate space of a suitable size and shape for your needs
Be aware of overhanging trees, underground utilities, direction of the sun and any planning restrictions that are applicable to your location or build type. When planning, take into consideration any wider landscaping that may be required, as well as provision of utilities to your outdoor office such as electricity.


Building Base of Outdoor Office and Garden Office


Preparing the Base 

Your outdoor office will require a level surface.
Prepare appropriate footings by levelling the ground, and selecting a suitable base material eg Concrete Slabs or Timber.
Alsford Recommends
Stonemarket Riven Concrete Slabs
Use Class 4 Treated Timber Posts
Tongue & Groove Chipboard


Preparing for a garden office


Building Your Frame

Creating the studwork frame finalises the shape of your build.
This is also the time to firm up position of doors and windows. Use our window configurator to compare material types and costs of PVC and timber windows.
Alsford Recommends
Treated Timber


Building a Garden Office


Walls & Interior Amenities

With studwork in place, position your ply or other sheet material, creating the first skin of your home office.
Alsford Recommends
Plywood Sheets
Isover Spacesaver Insulation


Insulating Garden Office with Damp Proof Membrane


External Insulation and Roofing for a garden office

These two vital components will ensure your outdoor office is a comfortable environment to work in.
Roofing material selections will vary to your design, but ensure you fit at an appropriate angle for water run off, and consider the addition of guttering. Insulation effectiveness is measured by u-value, rather than thickness, with a variety of options from Mineral Wool to Foils to choose from.
Alsford Recommends
IKO Shed Felt
Flat Roof Top Sheet
Flat Roof Underlay
Damp Proof Membrane

Additional: Remember to consider your interior utility connections; wiring for lights, heating requirements etc, must all be considered and added before continuing with insulation and a second skin for the interior walls.


Timber Cladding DIY Garden Office


Exterior Cladding

For your exterior timber cladding, using treated timber suitable for exterior use is essential.
Alsford Recommends
Green Treated Shiplap


Timber Clad Outdoor Office in the Garden


Surrounding Landscape

Ease of access to your outdoor office space is important.
Surrounding groundworks may also be necessary to ensure easy access to your new office. In this example raised beds and steps were created with sleepers.
Alsford Recommends
New Oak Sleepers


Exterior Finishes

Exterior touches for your outdoor office will bring it to life day and night.
Decking, lights, planters and even exterior seating can bring it all together and make your outdoor office the place to be.
Alsford Recommends
Timber Decking
Trex Composite Decking


Outdoor Office with Decking and Lights


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