'Internal Oak Pesaro  2040x626x40mm'
£155.58 each (incl vat)
'Internal Oak DX  1981x838x35mm'
£115.84 each (incl vat)
'Internal Oak Ravenna  1981x762x35mm'
£155.58 each (incl vat)
'Internal Oak Pesaro  1981x838x35mm'
£155.58 each (incl vat)
'Internal Oak DX 1981x686x35mm'
£115.84 each (incl vat)
'Internal Oak Ravenna  1981x838x35mm'
£155.58 each (incl vat)
'Internal Oak Pesaro  1981x762x35mm'
£155.58 each (incl vat)

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The History of Alsford Timber – Part 3 – 1916...

The Great War

In 1916, with his father – James Alsford (2) – away fighting the Great War, 14-year old James Alsford (3) was left managing the family business.

Like his father before him, James (3) had been given a thorough training in the timber trade from a very young age, and at the time his father enlisted, he was already managing the Leyton yard. After his father left, James (3) closed the Leyton yard for the duration of the war and returned to Twickenham. In 1917, his younger brother, William – then 14 – joined the business.

The period 1916-18 was a difficult one for the Alsford family; trade was bad due to the price and shortage of timber. However...


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Planning a loft conversion

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About Alsford

The largest Timber Merchant in the South East.

Alsford Timber has been around since 1882. Everything that makes up the modern world has happened in our lifetime - we've literally seen it all. Of course, there's been enormous change. From our humble beginnings selling timber and fencing in South West London, we've grown to become the largest timber merchant in South East England, with 18 branches across four counties we trade in Kent, Surrey, Essex, London, East Sussex and West Sussex. But we're still true to our founders' values of expertise and excellence in everything we do.

We've spent over 130 years creating the Alsford brand you see today. Because, like you, we believe in building things to last.

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